Moomin Mug Dive (as known as swimjump Mug) is a seasonal mug from the summer of 2006. Its cheerful illustration and lively striped background are guaranteed to get on top of the summer feel, even in the heart of winter. This seasonal mug is still quite wanted, so the price of a mug in good condition and with a sticker has been moving around a hundred euros. From this mug its made with a seashell pattern 300 pieces, which, however, they did not end up in production. The mugs with a seashell pattern were reportedly distributed to Arabia factory staff. Such a Mug has sold for more than 12,000 euros. That is very very rare mug.

Price without sticker (used): around 70 euroa
Price with sticker (new): around 120 euroa
Mug number: 34
Mug name in Finnish: Uimahyppy Muumimuki
Mug name in Swedish: Simhopp
Mug name in English:
Moomin Mug Dive
Years of production: 2006

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