Beloved classic The atmosphere in this mug is gentle, and the artwork and color scheme match it. The joint adventures of Snorkmaiden and Moomin Troll often end romantically when Moomin Troll rescues Snorkmaiden who has got in trouble. This Mug is one of the absolute enduring favorites of Finns, and its production has continued for more than 20 years. The mugs can be found with several different base stamps as it has been in production for the longest time. The mugs of 1996 have an annual stamp, later only the Crown Stamp and the painting Moomin and after 2014 by Arabia and the painting Moomin. Love is also one of the classic mugs with the Moomins 75v gold stamp printed from August 7 to December 31, 2020. Behind the illustrations For the illustrations of the mug, Tove Slotte has found beautiful pictures in Tove and Lars Jansson\'s comic book # 15 Snork Maiden in Rococo (1958) and Tove Janssons comic book # 07 Building a Building (1956). A special sun is in Tove Janssons comic book # 10 Jungle Life (1956) and cuddling Moomin and Snake Girl were found in comic book # 11 Moomin Troll and the Martians (1957).

Price without sticker (used): around 5 euroa
Price with sticker (new): around 15 euroa
Mug number: 14
Mug name in Finnish: Rakkaus Muumimuki
Mug name in Swedish: Muminmugg Kärlek
Mug name in English:
Moomin Mug Love
Years of production: 1996-

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