Moomin mug Dive

  • Arabia Moomin mug number #32
  • Price estimate: 90-120€
  • Price with sticker: 180-220€
  • Production: 2006
  • Designer: Tove Slotte
  • Category: Summer mugs
  • Size: 0,3l

Arabia Moomin Mug Dive started the series of Summer mugs and seasonal Moomin mugs overall. Winternight Moomin mug came out also in 2006 and was the first Winter Season mug. 

Tove Slotte designed the mug by using pictures from Moomin comic number 5: “Moomin’s Winter Follies”. Original images were drawn by Tove Jansson.

Moomin mug Dive Special edition

Another version of the Moomin mug Dive is actually not a special edition, but a test/sample version of the mug. If your Moomin mug Dive has seashells on it, you are holding an actual treasure that can be worth up to 20 000€!

Watch a video of the mug

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