Moomin mug

Night Of The Groke

  • Arabia Moomin mug number #94
  • Price estimate: 15-20€
  • Price with sticker: 20-25€
  • Production: 2019
  • Designer: Tove Slotte
  • Category: Animation mugs
  • Size: 0,3l

Arabia Moomin mug Night Of The Groke is one of the so called Animation mugs. Night of the Groke is episode 9 from the first season of Moominvalley -series. 

Animation mugs are polarizing and divide opinions between Moomin collectors. Some dislike them, because they are not designed from Tove Jansson’s original drawings. Meanwhile some really like these new Arabia mugs for their fresh new style.

Animation Arabia Moomin mugs

Arabia launched four mugs with the new Moomin animation TV show in 2019, these mugs are: Last Dragon, Night of The Groke, Golden Tale and Midwinter.

Watch a video of the mug

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