Moomin mug

Primadonna’s Horse

  • Arabia Moomin mug number #55
  • Price estimate: 30-45€
  • Price with sticker: 50-60€
  • Production: 2012
  • Designer: Tove Slotte
  • Category: Summer mugs
  • Size: 0,3l

Arabia Moomin mug Primadonna’s Horse is the summer seasonal Moomin mug of 2012. The illustration is from the comic “Moomin Falls in Love”.

Primadonna’s Horse itself is a circus star who knows how to speak and gives love advice to others. In Moomin Falls in Love comic Moomintroll used Primadonna’s Horse to save Primadonna. 

Yellow-blue Summer mugs

After striped summer mugs, the next four summer seasonal Moomin mugs were yellow-blue themed. These yellow-blue mugs are: Primadonna’s Horse, Snorkmaiden and The Poet, Sailing with Nibling and Too-ticky and Moment On The Shore.

Watch a video of the mug

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