Moomin mug Sniff On The Beach

  • Arabia Moomin mug number #146
  • Price estimate: 10-20€
  • Price with sticker: 20-25€
  • Production: 2024-
  • Designer: Tove Slotte
  • Category: Character mugs
  • Size: 0,3l

This Sniff Moomin mug was launched simultaneously with The Muskrat Moomin mug in 2024. Similarly designed plates and bowls were launched with the mugs.

Sniff is one of the favorite Moomin characters. Sniff likes everything shiny and of value. In the story behind the mug’s illustration Sniff is trying to help Moomintroll to get rich by selling an elixir of youth.

This mug was designed by Tove Slotte before her retirement in 2022.

Sniff Moomin Mugs

The first Sniff Moomin mug by Arabia was released in 2002. This brown-colored Sniff mug was for sale and in production until 2008.

The newer Sniff Turquoise mug, where he is holding a cat, replaced the brown mug.

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