Moomin mug


  • Arabia Moomin mug number #58
  • Price estimate: 10-20€
  • Price with sticker: 15-25€
  • Production: 2013-2019
  • Designer: Tove Slotte
  • Category: Character mugs
  • Size: 0,3l

Arabia Moomin mug Snorkmaiden Pink replaced the yellow Snorkmaiden mug, that had been in production from 2001 until 2012. Both mugs are actually called just “Snorkmaiden” which is pretty confusing, hence a lot of people call this 2013 mug as “Pink Snorkmaiden” and the older one “Yellow Snorkmaiden“. 

In the original illustration from a Moomin comic, Moomintroll asks: “What are you making yourself so pretty for?” and Snorkmaiden answer, while putting on the make up: “I’m going out with somebody who asks me out.”


Snorkmaiden can be recognized by her golden anklet, yellow hair over her forehead and sometimes from a flower behind her ear. She looks similar to the Moomins, but she is actually a Snork.

Watch a video of the mug

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